Chinese Herbal Medicine

bottles of herbs with natural herbs too

Herbal medicine which is another major branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is guided by the same principles as acupuncture, and is a complement to acupuncture treatment. In my practice I use various forms of Chinese herbs ranging from prepared formulas in either tablet, capsule or tinctures, as well as custom formulas prepared from granular, concentrated preparations or dried herbs. I will generally suggest beginning with a prepared formula, as they are quite effective and are very easy to take. If the condition warrants, or when patients prefer, I will prescribe a custom formula which may be granular concentrates, that can be mixed in hot water, or dried herbs that must be boiled in water to extract the active ingredients, which are then taken as a tea.

I source herbs and herbal formulas form suppliers who make quality and purity prime concerns, with quality testing of herbs and the use of organic and wild-crafted herbs (when available), as well as monitoring of growers of cultivated herbs. Safety and effectiveness of herbal formulas are of equal importance.